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CentiMark Corporation is your total commercial roofing contractor. From flat roof assessments and repairs to installations of virtually every type of commercial roof, our commitment to excellence, stellar customer service and exceptional results is the “CentiMark Difference.” When it comes to repairs, our customers have come to expect 24/7 live customer service, 24-hour response times, dedicated service crews, and extensive “before and after” documentation through our popular MyCentiMark on-line management application tool. Our goal is not only to reach, but to exceed, your commercial roofing expectations. Our Commitment to the Healthcare Industry

In the healthcare industry, standard protocol is not used for roof replacement, roof repair, service, preventative maintenance and fixing roof leaks. The 24/7 nature of the healthcare environment for patients, staff, visitors and vendors requires unique logistics, continuous communication, industry expertise and a commitment to safety.

That's Where CentiMark Excels

For decades, CentiMark has been a leader in the commercial roofing industry. Our CentiMark experts can help you find the perfect solution for all of your healthcare roofing needs.

Providing solutions for the unique needs of the healthcare industry:
- Hospitals
- Long-term Care Facilities
- Medical Office Buildings

Here's How CentiMark Operates

  • Let us show you the behind-the-scenes of a completed TPO roof installation on a hospital and how CentiMark had a solution for every challenge. Communication was essential.Step #1: Communication & Details

    Our roof protects your building and the people inside. We take that responsibility very seriously. Constant communication between our associates and yours is key to a sucessful roof project.

  • CentiMark built a debris chute for easy removal of materials off the roof. The debris chute and the dumpsters were located in a certain part of the building to keep it out-of-sight.Step # 2: Planning & Logistics

    Every roof and every building are different. We don't assume anything - we listen to your concerns and address each issue in depth. A thorough plan is set in place before your roof project is started.

  • No chances were taken and CentiMark took into consideration safety concerns regarding the pipe that contained oxygen and other gasses on a hospital roof project. Learn how CentiMark went the extra mile.Step # 3: Going the Extra Mile

    Roofing is our business. No chances are taken when it comes to a CentiMark roof. We go beyond the standard protocol to accomodate the special challenges of medical facilties.

  • CentiMark takes great pride in the fact that its safety program is unmatched in the roofing industry. We are committed to maintaining the same degree of success and reputation in safety.Step # 4: 24/7 Safety Protection

    CentiMark takes pride in the fact that our safety program is unmatched in the roofing industry. We maintained the same degree of success and reputation in safety as in roofing services.

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